2005 Goss Sunday 2000-16


2005 Goss Sunday 2000-16

Lancaster, PA


Heidelberg Goss Sunday 2000-16 GAPLESS with Heidelberg GOSS PCF-1-2 Combination Folder

  • (22.750’’/ 578 mm) x (38” / 965mm) Shipped in December of 2004. Started live production May 10, of 2005. (Approximately 140 feet in length) The equipment consists of: Six (6) lithographic printing units One(1) web configuration more fully described with the following equipment: One (1) Contiweb CS-13-1020 zero speed horizontal splicer with roll loading.  Shaftless with integrated infeed & automatic reel track system loading
  • QTI web guides with remotes. / QTI cutoff controls PPC-3000X  for the, PCF-1-2 combination folder and the Vits sheeter, in-line
  • Spencer S24106B 650 SCFM blower. / Heidelberg Goss Ink Levelers on all fountains
  • AWS vibrator temp control (2) VP-5H. / Technotrans combination refrigeration system Delta C1070
  • AWS CRP temperature control w/o heater. / Heidelberg ceramic coating on fountain rolls
  • Heidelberg oscillating third form ink rollers. / Omnicon controls. / One (1) auxiliary stack 
  • GMI Color Quick closed loop color. / GMI Print Quick color register
  • Goss Air Bustle wheels . / Heidelberg plate transport cart
  • Two (2) CPC-1 copy holders. / AC modular main press drive system / Siemens
  • Heidelberg marquee display . / Six lines of piping with valves and quick disconnects
  • Six (6) Heidelberg Goss 1:1 blanket to plate cylinder ratio printing units ... solid stainless steel plate cylinders for a 0.30 mm plate for a "no pack" condition, solid chrome plate steel blankets cylinders are gapless and accept tubular blankets
  • Auto plate up devices on unit number one and six. / Auto transfer device on unit number one and six
  • Heidelberg web catcher. / Duotrol Dampeners for all printing units and equipped with chrome plated pan &vibrator rolls
  • Baldwin Impact blanket washers for all printing units. / Baldwin 1134 web severer with defeat box 
  • Press protection package. / Heidelberg web up system
  • Baldwin model 450 microset remote softening. / AWS Vibra Pac
  • One (1) Contiweb Ecocool 130-1020 T (Integrated) (13 meter / 42' 6'') dryer for one web operation with built in pollution controls 
  • Heidelberg Omnicon press control system. / Scheffer gluer 
  • One  (1) web guides with the Heidelberg Goss chill roll stand. / One (1) Heidelberg Goss chill roll stand
  • Heidelberg PPI (prepress interface). / Heidelberg Goss web break detectors  
  • Two (2) QTI 400o silicone applicators... one built in the chill section and one in the perf section 
  • Perforation unit
  • Heidelberg PCF-1-2 (Pinless) combination folder ... two choppers ... ratio 3:3:3, quarter fold deliveries away from the dryer.  Folder equipped with Delta fold and double parallel
  • Heidelberg Ajiro linear perforation. / Heidelberg non timed workbook perforation
  • Heidelberg sheeter by pass. / Heidelberg motorization package for the PCF1.2 combination folder
  • Shear type edge trim for the PCF-1-2 combination folder. / Muller Martini VIVO horizontal Stacker with strapper 
  • Scheffer in- line finishing equipment including a wet flat gluing, power towers, rotary cutter and a stacker
  • Prosper inkjet imprinting system (2) -4" 600 x 600 DPI black inkjet heads. / Ternes CTP plate bender/punch
  • Vits Rotocut S38 inch, 60,000 iph double cut sheeter. / Vits tipland power shear slitter system
  • Power supply 460 volts / 3 phases/ 60 hertz. / All misc. parts for the press & folder and other equipment 
  • Full Factory Specifications with Drawings available

Offered as owners, in conjunction with Advanced Print Technologies and Thomas Industries.


Available January 2023.


ModelSunday 2000-16