2015 MAN Roland 708P+LV

No longer available

2015 MAN Roland 708P+LV

Lancaster, PA


  • 2015 R708PLV HiPrint SN 34154B, series 762  148 million impressions (as of 10/1/22) Roland 700 Series 8 Color 4/4 Perfector
  • Spiess Roll to Sheet Feeder
  • PressPilot control console. / TelePresence with integrated maintenance manager. / Extension in the delivery Extension of the drying section in the delivery by 1828 mm
  • One (1) InlineColorPilot color density and control system
  • Semiautomatic inspection sheet removal with preselection of the number of inspection sheets (1 to 15 sheets)
  • TelePresence with integrated maintenance manager 
  • SpectroDrive measuring device for colormetric measurement 
  • InlineColorPilot P - inline color density and control system 
  • InlineRegister for InlineColorPilot  
  • SelectPowderSystem, powdering device Grafix Powdermax perfect 
  • SelectCombiCenter LS combination device - Dampening solution refrigerator with inking unit temperature control 
  • Lightweight material printing performance package 
  • SelectAntiStatic plus. / QuickChange Surface. / QuickChange Job. / Quickstart plus 
  • QuickChange Wash. / QuickChange Transferter motorized setting of the gripper bar 
  • QuickChange Infeed - Motorized setting of the front guides. / QuickChangeColor plus - Self-teaching color adjustment system. 
  • APL - automatic plate loading system. / SPL Simultaneous Plate Loading. / Disengagable inking units 
  • Coating module - E-Line chambered blade system 
  • SelectDryer IR/TL for perfecting 
  • Opti-Print-Jackets including tensioning device on the impression cylinders after the reversing device
  • SelectCleaningSystem - Wash-up device with brush for the Impression Cylinders of the printing units 
  • Manual Nonstop device in the feeder / delivery
  • Press speed Straight printing 16,000 s/h. / Perfecting 13,200 s/h 
  • Delivery ROLAND AirGlide high pile delivery. / Extension in the delivery Extension of the drying section in the delivery by 1828 mm 

Offered as owners, in conjunction with Advanced Print Technologies and Thomas Industries.


Available January 2023.


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