2013 Masterwork MK1060ERS

2013 Masterwork MK1060ERS

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Technical Data: MK1060ER

Maximum sheet size 1060mmX760mm

Minimum sheet size 400mmX350mm

Maximum die cutting size1060mmX745mm

Gripper margin 9~17mm

Inner chase size 1096mmX770mm

Stock range 90~2000g/m2 paper / 0.1~2mm paper / ≤4mmcorrugated

Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.075mm

Maximum pressure 2.6MN

Max die cutting speed6500s/h

Max feeder pile height 1550mm (with pallet)

Max delivery pile height 1200mm (with pallet)

Overall dimension 7050mm(L)x 4500mm(W platform included) 2600mm(H)

Weight Apr. 20000kg

Power of the main motor 15KW

Full-loaded power 23.2KW

Air requirements pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa / volume>0.8 m3/min

The MK1060ERS features an imported non-stop high speed feed section from a globally recognized brand.

The Stripping unit features optimized cam motion profiles to improve the stability of stripping. An optional stripping pre-set rack reduces time to replace and enhances speed.

The machine can also implement full sheet collection, simultaneously collecting finished product. It also has an individually powered scrap or waste conveying unit to ease operations and ensure continuous production.

The high speed feeder can adapt to multiple types of paper and jams to ensure constant operation. This reduces maintenance and increases machine life.